What we Believe

We believe a faith in Jesus Christ should affect all dimensions of our lives.  We recognise that this is often difficult and thus we need the mutual support of each other in love and fellowship.  As followers of Christ, we understand ourselves to be on a lifetime journey of growing closer to and understanding his teaching.  Using traditional words, we are Disciples of Christ.

We recognise that the purpose of each church is mixture of worship, mission, fellowship, discipleship and service.
Our style of worship is varied, as we are aware that different people express their love of God in different ways.  We therefore try to worship God in a variety of ways.
We welcome both prayer partners and those wishing for prayer, do get in touch.

  • We believe that Jesus Christ is the unique Son of God.  He became fully a human being to restore the relationship between people and God the Father.  As a church we believe our role is twofold. To praise God for what he has done for us and to help others, who wish to, develop a personal relationship with Him.
  • We recognise that the world in which we live is often fragmented and that there is a widespread lack of justice and poverty.  Part of the Christian message is the rejection of this approach and the desire to replace this with a just and caring society.
  • We recognise that many non-Christians also share this concern for their neighbourhoods and those further afield.  We are happy to share with all who are concerned about injustice and poverty in society.  We believe that this calls for direct action.  However, as Christians we also believe that physical actions alone, although vital, are insufficient.  We believe that people have souls that also need love and healing.  Our aim is to share God’s love with all as part of His process of making people whole.

The church exists to respond to the good news of God’s love in Christ and to live out its ministry in worship and witness, in being there for others and to help build communities.